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About ESAF

T he Eastern States Archeological Federation (ESAF) is an organization of state archeological societies representing much of the Eastern United States and Canada. ESAF was organized in 1933/34 to provide a forum for the exchange of archeological information among archeologists and state archeological societies. With a membership of 12 state societies and over 300 individual memberships, ESAF continues to foster international cooperation and information exchange within the archeological community, as well as supporting public outreach, education, and participation.

The administration of ESAF is carried out by an Executive Board comprised of a Representative from each Member Society, the Elected Officers, Committee Chairs, the Archeology of Eastern North America (AENA), and Bulletin Editors, and a Business Manager.

ESAF meets one time a year (November); publishes Archaeology of Eastern North America (AENA); and a Bulletin which contains state society membership information, annual Board and business meeting minutes, and the annual Treasurer's report. ESAF holds at least one annual Executive Board meeting and one annual business meeting. At the annual business meeting, anyone present who is a member of an ESAF state society or who is an individual ESAF member can vote on all business proceedings.

The objectives of this Federation

  •  To serve as a bond between the Member Societies.
  •   To encourage and promote scientific archeological work by the Member Societies, Individual Members and Institutional Members.
  •   To publish and encourage the publication of reports and articles about the archeology of the region anthropological studies related to the archeology of the area and contributions from inter-disciplinary fields related to the study of Eastern North American archeology.
  •   To promote the spread of archeological knowledge.
  •   To engage in the archeological projects which exceed the capabilities of the Member Societies.


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