Eastern States Archeological Federation Annual Meetings

Eastern States Archeological Federation

86th Annual Meeting

October 31-November 3, 2019

The annual meeting will take place at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel, 400 Oxford Valley Rd., Langhorne, PA.

Phone: 215-269-3408,  Website:   Sheraton Bucks County Hotel

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Banquet speaker

Recent Forensic Case Studies within the Chesapeake System - Dr. Douglas W. Owsley

Douglas W. Owsley, Ph.DDouglas W. Owsley, Ph.D. is Curator of Biological Anthropology at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. As a forensic anthropologist, Owsley has consulted with individuals, organizations, and government agencies to excavate and reconstruct skeletal remains, identify the deceased, and determine the cause of death. Notable cases include analysis and identification of Jeffrey Dahmer's first victim; excavation and study of the H. L. Hunley Confederate submarine in Charleston Harbor; excavation of the historic Jamestown Colony; analysis and identification of 82 victims of the siege at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas; processing and identification of US servicemen killed during Operation Desert Storm; and research, analysis, and identification of individuals buried in 17th-century iron coffins discovered in the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland and an apartment complex in the Columbia Heights area of Washington, D.C.

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General Presentation Guidelines

  • Presenter(s) must be individual members of ESAF for 2019.
  • Registration fees and membership dues for ALL presenters are due by September 1, 2019. Membership dues and conference registration may be paid via PayPal. An individual can be the primary author on only one paper or poster, but may be a co-author on other papers or posters. Workshop participants may also present papers.
  • In addition to the title and abstract (150 words or fewer), provide name, affiliation, address, phone, and email address for each presenter. Please include audio-visual requirements. Thematic session chairs should identify participants. Send proposals to Program chairs’ e-mail address:
  • The first name listed as a paper's author is considered to be the presenter.

Past Meetings

2018 Watertown, NY 

2017 New London, CT 

2016 Langhorne, PA 

2015 Midland, Ontario, Canada 

2014 Solomons, MD 

2013 South Portland, ME 

2012 Perrysburg, OH 

2011 Mount Laurel, NJ 

2010 Williamsburg, VA 

2009 Johnstown, PA 

2008 Lockport, NY 

2007 Burlington, VT

2006 Fitchburg, MA

2005 Williamsburg, VA

2004 Midland, Ontario

2003 Mount Laurel, NJ

2002 Mount Laurel, NJ

2001 Watertown, NY

2000 Solomons Island, MD

1999 Kings Island, OH

1998 Wilkes-Barre, PA

1997 Mount Laurel, NJ

1996 Huntington, WV

1995 Wilmington, DE

1994 Albany, NY

1993 Bangor, ME

1992 Pittsburgh, PA

1991 Williamsburg, VA

1990 Columbus, OH

1989 East Windsor, CT

1988 Toronto, Ontario

1987 Charleston, SC

1986 Wilmington, DE

1985 Buffalo, NY

1984 Annapolis, MD

1983 Salem, MA

1982 Norfolk, VA

1981 Harrisburg, PA

1980 Albany, NY

1979 Ann Arbor, MI

1978 Bellmawr, NJ

1977 Hartford, CT

1976 Richmond, VA

1975 Columbus, OH

1974 Bangor, ME

1973 Dover, DE

1972 Harrisburg, PA

1971 Gainesville, FL

1970 Natural Bridge, VA

1969 Morgantown, WV

1968 Ann Arbor, MI

1967 Washington, DC

1966 New York, NY

1965 Princeton, NJ

1964 Attleboro, MA

1963 Philadelphia, PA

1962 Athens, GA

1961 Williamsburg, VA

1960 Toronto, Ontario

1959 Albany, NY

1958 Wilmington, DE

1957 Baltimore, MD

1956 Trenton, NJ

1955 New Haven, CT

1954 Pittsburgh, PA

1953 Rochester, NY

1952 Washington, DC

1951 Chapel Hill, NC

1950 New York, NY

1949 Richmond, VA

1948 Trenton, NJ

1947 Wilmington, DE

1946 Rochester, NY

1945 Attleboro, MA

1944 [meeting not held]

1943 [meeting not held]

1942 [meeting not held]

1941 Philadelphia, PA 

(list compiled by Charles A. Bello and Carolyn Dillian)